The Greater RVA Transit Vision Plan:

Defining the Future of Transit for Our Region

Transit is an important factor in opportunity and economic prosperity.

It connects residents with jobs, shopping and other key destinations.

Major investments such as transit require both a unified vision and planning.

As of March 2017, the RVA Transit Vision planning process has concluded.

Explore our report summary, master report, a quick recap video about our process + approach below.

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Read the Final Report

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Read the Report Summary

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The Scope of Our Plan

  • Identify representatives to form a transit advisory committee (Regional Transit Forum) for the visioning process

  • Engage the general public for input on the vision for transit in the region

  • Analyze recent surveys and research on transit use and opinion about transit in the region

  • Assess economic development and demographic trends

  • Examine current transit ridership and trip patterns

  • Identify transit markets and gaps in service to those markets

  • Examine future land use plans and regional growth aspirations

  • Develop various alternatives for transit investment in major corridors

  • Present analysis of alternatives to the Regional Transit Forum, local governments and the public

  • Develop recommendations for future transit options and phased implementation

  • Draft a Transit Vision Plan to present to stakeholders and the public for review

  • Finalize the Transit Vision Plan based on input from stakeholders and the public

About Us

The progress toward construction of the GRTC Pulse Bus Rapid Transit system and planning by individual jurisdictions and GRTC raises questions about what is next and what is the long-term vision for transit in the greater Richmond area. DRPT, in cooperation with the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RRTPO) and GRTC, has developed the Richmond Region Transit Vision Plan to address this issue. The study team used current transit and demographic data, land use data and plans, transit and population forecasts, public opinion surveys, and stakeholder input to create and present a regional transit vision plan to stakeholders and the public that will guide transit development in the region through 2040.

Schedule for the Plan

The planning process kicked off in August 2015 with outreach to local jurisdictions and the formation of the Regional Transit Forum. The first public meetings were held in November 2015 to gather input on the vision and inform the public of the process for developing the plan. In early 2016, research and analysis was in full swing and various alternatives were under development. As of March 2017, a final plan has been prepared and presented.

Regional Transit Forum (Advisory Committee)

The Regional Transit Forum is an advisory committee to DRPT and the study team. The Regional Transit Forum:

  • Helped develop a vision, goals, and objectives for the study
  • Offered guidance on various aspects of the technical analysis
  • Provided input on study recommendations
  • Shared information about the planning process with their respective organizations
  • Helped build a regional consensus on the vision for transit in the region
  • This committee included representatives from:
    • Ashland, Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Powhatan, Richmond 
    • Amazon, Bay Transit, Capital Region Airport Commission, Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, Coalition for Smart Transit, Federal Highway Administration, Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce, John Tyler Community College, Mt. Gilead Church, Chesterfield NAACP, Hanover NAACP, Richmond Branch NAACP , Owl Inc. Transportation, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Partnership for Smarter Growth, Reynolds Community College, Richmond Anti-Poverty Commission, Richmond Association of Realtors, Richmond Hill, Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority, RideFinders, Richmond Regional Planning District Commission, RVA Rapid Transit, Senior Connections, the Capital Region Collaborative, Richmond Regional TPO Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee, Richmond Regional TPO Elderly and Disability Advisory Committee, Urban Land Institute, Van Go, VCU, Venture Richmond, Virginia Transit Association, Virginia Union University, Virginians for High Speed Rail

Meeting Materials Archive

Public Meeting Display Boards

Richmond Region Transit Forum – Meeting Notes – October 14, 2015

Richmond Region Transit Forum – Meeting Notes – January 28, 2016

November – Public Meetings Summary

Summary of Transit Survey Research

Richmond Regional Transit Vision Plan Overview Presentation

Advisory Committee Meeting #2 – Presentation Deck

Video – GRTC’s Myths and Realities w/ David Green

Transit Access and Funding in RVA

Greater RVA Transit Vision Plan – Survey Results

Advisory Committee Meeting #5 – Presentation Deck (Draft)

Video – Greater RVA Transit Vision Plan – Highlights Reel

Public Meeting Presentation
(March 9, 10, 14 – 2016)

Public Meetings Summary – March 2016

Public Meeting Presentation
(June 7, 9, 13 – 2016)

Public Meeting Display Boards
(June 2016)

Public Meeting Handouts
(June 2016)

Official Comment/Feedback Form

 Regional Transit Forum Meeting – Presentation Deck
(July 14th  – 2016)

 Greater Richmond Transit Vision Plan
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The Department of Rail and Public Transportation welcomes any comments you may have on the Greater RVA Transit Vision Plan. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Nick Britton at 804-786-7425. Thank you.